Monday, November 23, 2009

The B-Bender is ONLY for Country?

Not if you're a mutant.


MooPig_Wisdom said...

hehe ... Hi Dave. Feel like a riddle? What am I?

Punning along this night
I hear a B bent tweeek-eelee
that makes us tawny and bright..
beyond F# up a slope to concert C

So's I ...fill my lung
.. crunk my lip, steady my grip
torque that licorice stick
roll my tongue, look at my feet

Bend that Bb on the upbeat

band rides in on a note they's sworn
's not on the chart for standard horn
growling sense of pure delight
on my B flat wood wound real tight

Clarinet Face

Dave Jacoby said...

My eldest swings a licorice stick. But he wants to wrangle six strings like his old man.

Niel Jacoby said...

Yeah, I do.

Sammy said...

So, I wonder what he would sound like if he collaborated with Les Claypool? Would their be some evil rip in the time-space continuum?

Sammy said...

oops..."there" not "their"...

Dave Jacoby said...

Sammy, the guy is a chameleon. He can fit into any style. I could easily see him taking on Lar's spot.