Monday, September 7, 2009

I Love The 70s....

I was playing my son some Supertramp. I don't know why Breakfast In America came back to my attention recently, but there it is. This evening, it came up because the family saw the Star Trek reboot, and when you think Spock, you should think of "The Logical Song".

But this brought to mind an element of my youth. I remember stopping by a friend's place, and his brother was there, long-haired and shirtless, airbrushing a mermaid on the side of his van, with Supertramp on the boom-box. At this moment, I cannot think of a more late-1970s moment than that. Can anyone one-up me?

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MooPig_Wisdom said...

Thanks for telling that story: I had nearly the exact same experience only it was Houston and I dropped in on my friend John, who was smearing Bondo on a well- dinged 1960 Triumph TR3 Roadster. He was trying desperately to restore the fenders... and you said it -- early '70's, something like SuperTramp "travlelled" indelibly stamped on the FM\AM "Portable" radio plugged into an extension cord into his den.... we had an FM station "Pacifica KLOL 101" artsy public radio, and they would play whole albums when they came out...

His TR3, he got it painted and running for graduation in 1973.

I tell you this because it was almost a total duplication, like a deejuju-viewvu when I went to visit my cousin Paul in Dallas. It was summer in early '70's and he was listening to Spencer Davis Grp, or Traffic, something like gimme some lovin' blaring from his home made stereo system, in bedroom next to the garage; Cuzzin' Paul was restoring a 1965 TRIUMPH TR-4. Not kidding.

I enjoy remembering thses things. Thanks.